Do You Have a “Compatible” Swing?

If you look at the history of great golfers, they’re all a little different. Jack Nicklaus had an upright swing and Ben Hogan had a swing that was relatively flat. In contemporary players, Dustin Johnson has an arched wrist at the top of his swing and Jordan Spieth has a chicken wing follow through.

I have made a career out of finding the “Compatible Variations” that work best for each golfer. I coined that phrase in the ’90’s and made that presentation to over 1000 teachers at the Super Dome in New Orleans. What it means is that Paul Azinger’s grip had a matching body motion and release that created a repeating ball flight and led to his success. I’m currently teaching Brendan Steele and he has a four knuckle grip and has won 4 times on the PGA Tour and counting!

There’s Nobody Like You!

When you come to take a lesson or program at one of my golf schools, we will assess your physical build, your flexibility, your life tempo and the type of ball flight you prefer to hit. That information then becomes what we use to determine YOUR Compatible Variations!

The Road to Mastery

To be your best, you need good information and helpful feedback from a good teacher. My staff is trained to find what is Compatible for you and create a Roadmap to your success.

Give us a call at 305-591-6487 or email and we will get you booked for a golf instruction experience that will help you be the best golfer you can be!